Quality as a hallmark

Criado y López’s value is our clients and the team we put at your service to guarantee your complete satisfaction, as it is reflected on our Quality Policy.

We have high technology and accurate equipment to offer our clients what they really request without any error margin. We are the only company using ANTI-V double treatment black wire to make our fabric, double digital metering device, computerized machines, as well as a qualified human team. All of this helps Criado y López to be trusted by farmers.

We guarantee our clients an assorted supply of farming materials at competitive costs and keeping by the delivery times agreed on. Therefore, we process your orders with the most accurate logistical systems, knowing at all times their state and destination.

All of our products keep an accurate quality control, they can be easily traced and we have an after-sales service available. This offers an immediate quick answer to the client during all the purchasing process. In addition, we have the AENOR and IQNET in ISO 9001 Certificates, which confirm that we meet the highest quality standards.

Criado & López is the solution
made to measure for you

Research and development (R&D)

In Criado y López, we sustain constant interest in the research for new ideas and products that maximize our clients’ harvests’ performance. In addition, we devote a big part of our resources to research and development, which is our formula to keep the COMMITMENT OF CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT we have with our clients, suppliers and contributors.

In Criado y López, we have established strategic alliances with various Laboratories and Research and Development Centres for new products. Among them, it should be pointed that the Quality Control and Agrotextil Evaluation Laboratory of the University of Almería is unique and we intensely collaborate with it.

Our commitment to innovation goes beyond commercial interests, as our involvement in projects of agriculture improvement along with other companies of the sector and public organizations proves. Some examples are PROYECTO RETOS-COLABORACIÓN 2017 and PROYECTO ECOHORTITEC, which are shown below:



CRIADO Y LÓPEZ is developing the “DEVELOPMENT OF NEW PROPRIETIES TO IMPROVE NON-WOVEN TEXTILES USED AS PHYSICAL BARRIERS –TEXTnoINSECTS” project, financed together with the European Structural Funds and Cohesion Fund and financed by the Ministry of Science and Innovation – State Research Agency of Spain.

The project is directed to add a new effect to physical barriers used in agriculture for insect control. The launch of the TEXTnoINSECTS project lets us carry out different advances regarding the technologies associated with the protection of crops with a common goal: developing innovative solutions able to improve the performance of commercial exploitations and agricultural productions. In addition, we are able to demonstrate the sustainability and the benefits that introducing these solutions entails from an environmental point of view.

Knowledge progress and the research for sustainable solutions allow us to develop new technologies and strategies of vegetable protection more effective and strict with the environment. This helps us to launch environmentally respectful and competitive agriculture. This also meets the increasing current tendency of consumers and markets that demand products free from hormonal substances and pesticide waste.

The use of agrotextiles is fairly recent, and their growth has been dizzying in the last few years. Their use isn’t only restricted to the field of crop protection against insects, but it is aimed to other aspects related to the characteristics of the ground or to the weed control in some cases. Furthermore, microclimate is an aspect we can intervene in by means of agrotextiles. In this case, we use non-woven textiles made of polypropylene that are commonly known as thermal blankets. Using these fabrics is very widespread as crop protection against freezes, frosts, hail, insects, and to prevent plant dehydration.


The CRIADO Y LÓPEZ S.L. organization has carried out the “DVELOPMENT OF ECO-INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES TO IMPROVE AND OPTIMIZE THE PRODUCTION SYSTEMS AND POST-HARVEST IN INTENSIVE HORTICULTURAL CROPS-ECOHORTITEC (ITC-20151045)” project, financed together with the FEDER Programme, supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and financed by the CDTI.

The general goal of the ECOHORTITEC project has been to develop a new range of technological solutions built and applicable in systems of intensive horticultural production. This lets farmers and producers get more profitable, more sustainable and cleaner productions, through an environmental improvement in the processes of fertirrigation of crops, their vegetable protection and preservation during the product harvest.

CRIADO Y LÓPEZ S.L. has developed a system of moorings for thermal blankets used in agriculture for the protection of the crops against cold and insect attack, this way making their assembly and their following handling of crops easier. It comes along with a pattern of patch and manufacturing for the blanket not to become deteriorated or declined.

Moreover, the trials have been carried out, in the laboratory as well as in the field, which are necessary to put thermal blankets into practice, hydrogel, and the CO2 contribution via watering. In these trials we have got such promising results, through which we have observed changed in the crop management and the insect control.

Eligible investment: 349,415.00 euros
Funding granted: 174,707.50 euros